25-year reunion Saguaro High School Class of 1978

This was the first high school reunion I have ever attended. While uncomfortable at first, the alcohol helped ease the anxiety and I made new (old) friends all over again. There were some friends I remembered, and some I met for the first time. It's interesting how important "roots" become in your life. I enjoyed myself much more than I expected and look forward to year 30. Many thanks to Grace, April, Kathy, Tom, Terry, Lance, Mik J., James F., Mike F., Dale, Jill, Mike M. and others for making me feel so comfortable and welcome.

Saguaro High School Class of 1978
Saguaro Class Photo Inset

The inset at left is of the center section of the photo above. Barry Finnerty and I are there in the first standing row. My little sister Ruthie is almost right in front of us. She snuck into the photo (as a sophomore) because that is exactly what I did with the seniors two years before. We were (and still are) very close and this was fairly typical behavior for us. You can see that I have my skateboard with me. I used it daily to cruise between classes and it was not uncommon for me to attend classes barefooted all day. I had a pair of thongs to wear for when a teacher insisted on the contrary.

Twenty five years later, and Bear and I are still friends and still surfing together (see the Baja 2002 Photos)