iiiiiStalking Hawks (January 14, 2012)

Stalking Hawks (January 14, 2012):

iiiiiGalveston Birds 1 (August 3, 2008) iiGalveston Birds 2 (August 3, 2008)

Galveston Birds (August 3, 2008):

iiiiiGalveston Birds 1 (June 24, 2007) iiGalveston Birds 2 (June 24, 2007)

Galveston Birds (June 24, 2007):

Deer and Hawks - From the Road (January 1, 2007)

Deer and Hawks (January 1, 2007): I find myself on the road a lot these days, and I am always looking out the window for distractions along the way. These images, like almost ALL of the hawks I have presented in this section, were captured by stopping along the road often traveled. It is always a game, to see if I can catch them before they leave - to see how close they let me get before liftoff. Most of the time, I don't even get out of the truck before they are gone. The other rare occaisions, I get a look of curiousity and a few moments to squeeze of a few frames. Seeing deer is WAY more of a rarity for me. Sure, I could go to any of dozens of preserves and leases for better deer pics, but these are just off the road, with I-59 traffic zipping by just out of view.

iiiiiPadre Island Osprey (October 31, 2006) iiPadre Island Egrets (October 31, 2006)
iiiiiPadre Island Herons (October 31, 2006) iiPadre Island Pelicans (October 31, 2006)

Padre Island Birds (October 31, 2006): Padre Island and the JFK Causeway leading to it from Corpus Christi, are incredible locations for observing and photographing beautiful shorebirds. I am never disappointed making that drive. Days like this one, when it's glassy in the Laguna Madre, are indescribable. And in the Gulf, when you see frenzied pelicans, you just know there is more going on under the water's surface than meets the eye. The ospreys...well they are just about the most magnificent birds I have ever watched. They seem to KNOW they are at the top of the food chain. Such regal birds, with talons that illustrate WHY they are the supreme predators around these parts.

JFK Causeway Birds (October 28, 2006)

JFK Causeway Birds (October 28, 2006): It has been awhile since I have stopped along the JFK causeway and shot some of the everyday scenery. I only had a few moments today, but it is always worth stopping and appreciating the majesty of these beautiful coastal birds.

Local Fauna - Steamboat Springs, Colorado (September 2006)

Local Fauna
Steamboat Springs, Colorado (September 2006):
These images, while not in Texas, deserve a place on my secnery page. I had a great opportunity to spend six days in gorgeous Steamboat Springs, while shooting a very good friend's wedding. What a beautiful little ski town in the mountains west of Denver, Colorado. I allowed myself a few personal moments when my services weren't required, and snapped some images of the plummage that adorned both the city streets, and the wedding venue. This was a new sort of shoot for me, and I am quite please with the results.

Fish Creek Falls - Steamboat Springs, Colorado (September 2006)

Fish Creek Falls
Steamboat Springs, Colorado (September 2006):
These images are from a short hike to Fish Creek Falls. I would LOVE to spend more time in this area and do its beauty more justice.

Corpus Christi Bay Dawn (August 6, 2006)

Corpus Christi Bay Dawn (August 6, 2006): I have wanted to shoot these pictures for a long, long time - but never seemed to find a chance. I got an assignment to shoot the TAMUCC sculpture and since the old Oso pier was right there, I got the opportunity I have long desired. This old pier has great sentiment for me. This was one of my father's favorite places to fish when we lived near here in the sixties. Some of my earliest memories of fishing and crabbing are from right here.

"If I could live my life all over, it wouldn't matter anyway..."

Galveston Dawn (August 20, 2006)

Galveston Dawn (August 20, 2006): The Galveston seawall at dawn can be a truly beautiful and inspiring experience. Sometimes it is gray and colorless. But, the other times...the world awakens amidst colors that warm the soul and remind us that life on this planet is something to behold and appreciate...every day.

In dawn's golden light, we are reborn anew...EVERYTIME.

Fish Pass Pelicans (June 23, 2006)

Fish Pass Pelicans (June 23, 2006): This is a sight seen on any given day, near most any coastal area along the Gulf of Mexico. Ungainly, yet graceful, these dive-bombing acrobats are often overlooked as just part of the background. A closer observation reveals delecate subtleties that make these beautiful birds a wonder to simply watch.

Texas Serenity (March 5, 2006)

Texas Serenity (March 6, 2006): I make the drive to and from Houston from Corpus Christi fairly often, and along the way, I usually find something that catches my eye. Sometimes it is deer, usually it is hawks, but this time...it was horses. Allow me to share how I see life along the road OFTEN traveled, but often not seen at all.

Stalking Hawks (October 16, 2005)

Stalking Hawks (October 16, 2005): I have neglected to put pictures in this section for WAY too long. Especially knowing that I have volumes of images to put here. These are random shots captured along a typical drive from Houston to Corpus Christi. I see red tail hawks and ospreys every time, and sometimes I just can't resist stopping to snap a few frames. It never disappoints.

Galveston Dawn (October 9, 2005)

Galveston Dawn (October 9, 2005): It seems that everytime I find myself on the Galveston seawall at dawn, I am treated to warm, wonderful sunrises that greet and caress me with beauty. Allow me to share just such a morning.

Bubba In The Park (October 9, 2005)

Bubba In The Park (October 9, 2005): For the second weekend in a row, Bubba (and his family) and I chanced upon each other in a park in Houston. Once again, he charmed all of those who encountered him, and I was priveleged to capture his beautiful blue plumage - along with the smiling faces he inspired.

Bubba in the Park 1 (October 2, 2005) Bubba in the Park 2 (October 2, 2005) Bubba in the Park 3 (October 2, 2005)

Bubba in the Park (Oct 2, 2005): Bubba is a beautiful, affectionate hyacinth macaw. Tommy, his caregiver, was generous enough to allow us to photograph, hold and play with him during a treasured random encounter in Houston.

Padre Island Scenery (August 27, 2005)

Herons and Egrets - JFK Causeway (August 27, 2005): These images were captured along the JFK causeway on Saturday, August 27, 2005. I hadn't stopped and shot here in a long time, and I just couldn't resist taking advantage of the good morning light and such picturesque subjects. In fifteen minutes, on the way to shooting the TGSA grom contest at Bob Hall Pier, I was reminded of WHY I do this, and WHY I choose to live here...the magnificent beauty of the Gulf's coastal environment surrounding the "Sparkling City by the Sea".

Padre Island Scenery (June 5, 2004)

Padre Island Scenery (June 5, 2004): These images were captured along the JFK causeway heading out to the island on Saturday, June 5, 2004. I hadn't shot here since Jan 14th and the situation almost replicated itself in so many ways. The forces of the universe are not to be ignored, the resulting beauty confirms this. The vultures were shot on the way back from South Padre island, earlier in the morning.

Padre Island Scenery (May 31, 2004)

Padre Island Scenery (May 31, 2004): These images were captured in Port Aransas on Monday, May 31, 2004. A typical day of wakeboarding offered up a few moments when I just had to shoot the beauty that surrounded me. I just love shooting great blue herons - they are so regal and majestic.

Galveston Dawns (May 8&9, 2004)

Galveston Dawns (May 8&9, 2004): These red-orange and pink delights were captured in Galveston as the dawn made her arrival on two consecutive days. It is the utter diversity of these two mornings that strikes me, such different faces she gives, each and every day - each one seemingly more beautiful than the last.

Padre Island Scenery (March 14, 2004)

Padre Island Scenery (March 14, 2004): These images were captured on the road to Port Aransas on the morning of Sunday, March 14, 2004. Just a typical drive on the island road, on the way to shoot the TGSA surf contest that day. I always wanted to shoot these Mustang Island cows in the early morning light, so today I jumped on the opportunity and was not disappointed.

Padre Island Scenery (January 14, 2004)

Padre Island Scenery (January 14, 2004): These images were captured on a typical drive out to Port Aransas. I always try to take the camera because the drive is always scenic and I almost always find myself "stopping to smell the roses", so to speak. I truly love living here and have a grand appreciation for the beauty that seems to be everywhere. Here is how I see things along the road to Port Aransas.

Sights of Galveston (January 11, 2004)

Sights of Galveston (January 11, 2004): These images were captured on January 11, 2004. I was treated to a walking tour of the downtown area from good friends who love this city. It makes all the difference when you are shown a place by people who live there and are proud of their community...the beauty is easy to find.

South Texas Scenery - Osprey & Bob Hall Pier (January 8, 2004)

South Texas Scenery - Osprey & Bob hall Pier (January 8, 2004): These images were captured on January 8, 2004. There was a small swell that hit this morning and I hopped on the chance to get out to the pier and catch the action in the cold. i shot a few of my favorite osprey on the way, and then got these others in between waves. The great blue heron is always a favorite subject of mine, and even in the low light & drizzly conditions, its colors are remarkable. The oyster catcher is another very photogenic fellow, and this particular bird would have let me walk right up to him. The pier locals all say that this little chap will let you hand-feed him at the fish cleaning station on the pier. How cool !!

South Texas Scenery - on the road to Houston

South Texas Scenery - on the road to Houston (January 10 & 11, 2004): These images were captured on the road to Houston. Sometimes, when your with me, you just have to deal with my stopping the truck every once in a while - as I often see things that others drive right by.

Birds of Galveston - Plus (01-10&11-04)

Birds of Galveston (plus some) (January 10 & 11, 2004): These images were captured during several phases of a trip to Houston for a showing of the movie, "There Ain't No Surf In Texas". On the way, I spied so many hawks as we sped up the South Texas highways, that I just had to stop a few times and shoot these magnificent predators. In Galveston, I was treated to a wonderful excursion to the waterfront and was blessed by such an abundance of avian beauty concentrated in one incredibly photogenic location. These photos were all shot in about 20 minutes. The album is completed with another red-tail hawk shot in the last rays of light on the way back to Corpus.

Birds of the Coastal Bend (Osprey, Crow, Pelican) 01-04-04

Birds of the Coastal Bend (January 4, 2004): These images were captured on the way to, and during, the surfing photo shoot at BHP on January 4, 2004. The wonderful osprey shots were caught as I stopped at the apex of the JFK bridge. I have spied this osprey several times in this area atop the poles that parallel the bridge, and on this day, I just stopped and shot him. For 10 minutes, he made pass after pass, and I snapped him from my elevated perch atop the bridge. Shots of a lifetime. The rest of the birds here were captured on the pier, as I shot the action in the water below.

Dawn Patrol at Bob Hall Pier - 01-04-04

Dawn at Bob Hall Pier (January 4, 2004): These images were captured at BHP on the morning January 4, 2004. As is so typical, I went to shoot surfing, but ended up with so much more than that. The shots with the heron and the sunrise were done from my belly, crawling ever closer until he was in the frame how I wanted. Sometimes, it is just worth the extra effort when I see a shot coming together in front of my eyes.

Padre Island Scenery (via kayak) - 12-27-03

Padre Island Scenery - via kayak (December 27, 2003): These images were captured on the initial outing of the new kayak that Santa delivered. I could not have asked for better results, photographically. The weather was not ideal, as it was windy, and cloudy (just after the sun rose). However, I was treated to spectacular versions of mother nature's majesty, along with some unique variations, brought about by man's influence. For example, a great white egret with a mutated right leg, a beautiful black crow with a busted and useless left leg, and a pelican, who had the misfortune to become hooked by a fishing lure - a lure that still remains attached to the underside of his beak. It was as if I was shown these special animals by design. I offer these photos as a testament to the beauty that surrounds us all, beauty that is all too ofter taken for granted.

Port Aransas Scenery & Birds (08-09-03)

Port Aransas Scenery & Birds (August 2003): These images were captured during a typical wakeboarding outing near Port Aransas, Texas on August 9, 2003. As is typical, I spied several species of birds that I love to photograph and I stopped the action to capture these beauties in the warm early morning light. There are some very nice shots of Rosette Spoonbills here, along with some nice Great Blue Heron photos. These were shot during low tide as they fed among the exposed oyster beds.

Island Birds (July 27, 2003)

Island Birds of Port Aransas (July 2003): These images were taken at Padre Isles, near Marker 37 on July 27, 2003. It was a typical wakeboarding session, with me spotting birds to shoot as we tore up the small channel we took over. The great part of this avian shoot was the aerial seagull attack on a lone turkey vulture. It caught my attention and I stopped the boat and made everyone watch as this smallish gull made one attack pass after another, completely pestering and finally driving off the vulture. I later spied a lone osprey on a barnacle-encrusted piling, but it spooked as I waded closer to it. I could get no closer than about 75 yards. Naturally, there are also some quality pelican and great blue heron shots in this album. They are SO photogenic!!

Island Birds (July 13, 2003)

Island Birds of Port Aransas (July 2003): These images were taken on the morning and early afternoon of July 13, 2003. The great blue heron was a beautiful subject in the early morning light along the John F. Kennedy Causeway. These magnificent birds never fail to impress me with their size and grace. The gulls were shot at Bob Hall Pier (stealing bait left on the rails by unsuspecting fishermen). The brown pelican was spied cruising solo among the outside breakers off the end of Horace Caldwell Pier. The crested caracara, which is a beautiful carrion eater, was spotted atop the large utility poles along the roadside as one approaches Port Aransas, from the South. I often find predators up there - it's the best view around.

Dolphins of Corpus Christi (2003)

Dolphins of Corpus Christi (2003): These images were all taken in the main shipping channel near Port Aransas, Texas. As is often the case when going to, or coming from, a session of wakeboarding, these beautiful buddies can be found frolicking and feeding near the ferries and surfing the bow wakes of passing tanker ships.

Birds of Port Aransas & South Padre Island (2002)

Birds of Padre Island (2002): These images were all taken between August 2001 and November 2002 - in and around the community of Port Aransas, Texas. I do not normally set out to shoot these photos, they usually just occur around me and I happen to be there with a camera that never lets me down. I shoot everything with a Fuji S-1 Professional digital SLR camera, which has proven to be my wisest investment EVER. The highest quality photographs, and I'll never again pay for developing. I also use (exclusively) a Tamron AF28-300/f3.5-6.3 lens. One camera, one lens.

rong> lens. One camera, one lens.